Elliott Erwitt, New York, 1955


I grew up in New York and began writing when I was young. When I was a child I also discovered a love for teaching and spent many hours sharing my wisdom with a class of 30 imaginary students. I even named them all and gave them grades.


College writing, research, literature, and critical thinking. As an adult I have been able to pair my passion for writing with my passion for teaching, and these have served as the cornerstones of my career. For some 20 years I have taught writing, research, literature, and critical thinking at universities and community colleges on the east and west coasts, including George Mason University in Virginia, Northern Virginia Community College, The Evergreen State College in Washington State, and Skyline College in California.

Adult ESL, family literacy, and adult basic education programs. I also have worked extensively with English language learners from around the world. For five years I was Program Manager at Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School in Washington, DC, which offers English language instruction and other programs to adult immigrants. There, I ran a family literacy as well as an ESL program, and I helped develop a transition program for those wishing to go on to college or to enter the workforce. After leaving Carlos Rosario I became Director of Adult Basic Education at Baltimore City Community College in Maryland.


Marketing and public relations. My writing and communications career has been equally varied. For a number of years, I headed my own marketing and public relations firm in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked with clients in the arts, business, education, the media, and the nonprofit sector.

Public affairs, radio and TV, print journalism. I also have experience developing public affairs and children’s programming for radio and TV, creating scripts, doing voiceovers, working as a staff writer for a daily newspaper, and writing small business and consumer publications.

Social media. For the past several years, I have been particularly interested in social media. Since January 2012, I have written for ruminationville, a blog I created and actively maintain, where I develop feature, news, and opinion pieces that cover a wide range of topics—from education, health, the media, politics, and science to culture, film, lifestyle, music, and TV. I have posted some of my poetry and short fiction there as well. (Click here to see my writing portfolio.) I also maintain Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

Creative writing. From my earliest years on, I have been writing poetry and short stories. You will find recent poems here and can click here to read my short story “We,” which was published in The Huffington Post. I have also writtern a novel as well as a memoir that incorporates elements of creative nonfiction.


I have a BA and an MA in English from UC Berkeley; an MFA in fiction writing from Mills College in Oakland, California; and an interdisciplinary PhD (with a focus on education, Latin America, and creative nonfiction) from Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio. I also have a secondary teaching credential in English (with an ESL certification) from Mills.

Click HERE to contact me.

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