“6 grammar lovers you should follow on Twitter” (from grammarly blog)

1. Buzzfeed Style Guide, @styleguide

Buzzfeed Style Guide Tweet Sample

The Twitter account of Buzzfeed’s Style Guide is a mix of humor, gifs, and grammar tips.

2. Carol Fisher Saller, @SubvCopyEd

Subversive Copy Editor Tweet Sample

Carol Fisher Saller is a professional copy editor, editor of the Chicago Manual of Style’s Q&A section, and a published author. Follow her on Twitter for helpful writing tips and answers to your most pressing grammatical questions.

3. AP Stylebook @APStylebook

AP Stylebook Tweet Sample

The official Twitter account of the AP Stylebook tweets out spelling, grammar, and punctuation tips like this one. Follow them to stay up to date on all things related to style.

4. Ben Zimmer, @bgzimmer

Ben Zimmer Tweet Sample

Ben Zimmer is a linguist and writer who is in love with the written word. Follow him to inject a nonstop stream of interesting articles and thoughts about language into your Twitter feed.

5. The Oxford English Dictionary @OED

OED Tweet Sample

Follow the Oxford English Dictionary to get your vocabulary fix. They tweet a “word of the day” each day so you can learn something new each time you scroll through your Twitter feed.

6. Grammar Monkeys, @GrammarMonkeys

Grammar Monkeys Tweet Sample

Grammar Monkeys tweets out hilarious grammar gaffes, headline fails, cartoons, and other treats for grammar lovers.

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